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Prototype injection moulds

We offer the production of prototype injection molds for short series, which make it possible to verify the correctness of the design solution in relation to the structure and to make a selection of the appropriate plastic quality or correct the project for the selected material.

We manufacture such molds as required using various technologies, including “rapid prototyping”:

The form elements are manufactured using the incremental technology: SLS (SLS). (Selective laser internal) or SLM (SLM). Selective laser melting). With selective laser sintering (SLS), shaped elements are created by applying metal powder layers and selective sintering with the laser. Similar to classic powder metallurgy, a porous structure is obtained here. In contrast to the SLS process, the Selective Laser Melt (SLM) process leads to a complete remelting of the powdered material, which reduces the porosity and increases the strength. However, the SLM method requires the use of supports which are then removed by machining.

The mold is made with a simplified design so that the workpiece can be manually removed from the mold after injection. The simplified form is usually equipped with a cold runner system, it can be made of cheaper materials than the target form, the mechanisms provided and the cooling system are also simplified.

The production of a mold from materials with lower hardness for the production of prototypes by reactive low pressure molding. It is possible to make a test form from materials such as aluminum or epoxy resin. Low pressure polyurethane resin injection is much less energy intensive than classic injection (low pressures and temperatures), and the variety of resins available allows a prototype to be obtained that is similar in properties to polyolefins, styrenics, polyamides and others.

Manufacture of a silicone mold from a selected polyurethane material. This process, known as vacuum casting, ensures consistent quality, regardless of whether several or several hundred cast parts are required. We are also able to cast large polyurethane parts in enlarged vacuum casting chambers. This process is ideal for cast parts, especially for customers in the automotive, aerospace and medical niche areas where there is little effort. In order to achieve even higher component strength, we also use the option of molding reinforced polyurethane with a glass fiber mat.

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