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Computer simulation and shape testing

The production of high-quality injection-molded parts in a short time, in order to guarantee the lowest possible mold and production costs at the same time, is a challenge that is best accepted in the design phase of the tool, the mold and the process. KLGS offers its customers a simulation of the injection molding process with the latest version of Autodesk Moldflow software, which is highly valued by advanced injection molding manufacturers.

The simulation enables the project to be carried out, taking into account the optimization of the deformation size (compliance with the required tolerances), the production cycle time and the strength of the molded part. The scope of support provided by Autodesk Moldflow injection molding simulation software includes the following areas:

Part geometry

  • Analysis of the shape technology and the influence of a certain shape modification on the process
  • Optimization of the geometry of the molded part in compliance with customer specifications (no changes to certain points, weight reduction, increased rigidity)

Mold filling

  • Position of the connecting lines and their offset
  • Compensation of nest and shape
  • Choice of the filling system with dimensions (cold and warm runners)
  • Selection of the injection point and their number
  • Selection of the door diameter and its geometry
  • Determination of injection and mold closing pressures
  • Selection of material temperature and injection speed
  • Determination of the optimal speed profile of the screw conveyor
  • Determination of the optimal pressure profile to compensate for the shrinkage
  • Reduction of the internal stresses in the molded part
  • Analysis of the shape-forming core bending
  • Analysis of mold ventilation
  • Analysis of the fiber orientation

Cooling the mold

  • Possibility of analyzing simplified (rod elements) and full cooling (three-dimensional elements), which shows the exact distribution of the flow velocity, important for complex channels and conformational channels
  • Location of the hot spots
  • Determination of the heat dissipation capacity of individual cooling channels
  • Proposal to change the existing layout
  • Complete construction of the new cooling system including ejector system
  • Optimization of flow parameters, fluid type, channel geometry for a shorter cooling phase time


  • Choosing the right material for the molded part
  • Analysis of the partial demolding and its correction:
  • Changes to the clamping profile
  • Changes in the location of the injection point
  • Changes to the cooling system
  • Changes to the casting geometry With the help of Design of Experiment techniques

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