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Quality policy

Mission statement

We develop our company as a supplier of precise, technical details from construction plastics. For our customers in the electronics, electrical engineering, energy technology, household appliances, railways, construction and automotive sectors, we use the latest plastics processing technologies to manufacture details of the highest quality and carry out effective and efficient manufacturing processes.

The KLGS vision

By maintaining a constantly high technical and qualitative level of our services and products, we want to participate as a supplier for our market-leading customers as business partners with the technology they want.

Quality management

We take measures to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system, to meet customer requirements and to guarantee the safety of our products. We identify the factors that are important for our development, taking into account the needs, expectations and requirements of all interested parties concerned. We control our processes and activities so that we meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 16949: 2016, for customers in the electrical and electronics industry, we meet the requirements of UL 746D.

We want to achieve the following:

  • To develop cooperation with customers from the automotive industry in order to achieve 50% of sales for this segment,
  • To promote the KLGS brand in the Katowice, Mielec and Cracow regions,
  • To promote raw materials made from biopolymers and biocomposites,
  • Expand the range of services offered,
  • Develop solutions for production management,
  • To train our employees for efficient production,
  • Track and analyze quality indicators and improve the effectiveness of our processes,
  • Implement production automation solutions in a row,
  • Gradually develop sales value,
  • To minimize the negative impact of our products and processes on the environment.

I undertake to provide the resources necessary for the implementation of the quality policy and the achievement of quality objectives.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Roman Serafin

The validity and appropriateness of the quality policy is assessed in every management review. This assessment can lead to a change in policy.

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