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Enviromental policy

With regard to the health and safety of employees and the environment, KLGS Sp.z o.o. undertakes to conduct its activity in an environmentally friendly manner, preventing environmental pollution in order to minimize or eliminate entirely the negative impact of the activity on the environment.  KLGS Sp.z o.o. undertakes to provide safe and hygienic working conditions for each employee and other people who work on our premises and to prevent injuries and health problems associated with the work.

In our daily activities we focus on:

  • Compliance with legal and other obligations related to compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations,
  • The rational use of materials, energy and water fuels to reduce negative environmental impacts,
  • Implementation of rational and environmentally friendly waste management through separation, securing or transfer to recovery or liquidation,
  • Using technological advances in the introduction of new products and technologies to prevent pollution and to eliminate and reduce health and safety risks,
  • Application of technical and organizational solutions and working methods that improve the safety of employees,
  • Preventive measures against incidents and accidents that could pose a danger to humans and the environment,
  • Assisting the work of staff in identifying events that may cause injury or health problems and using their ideas and conclusions to improve health and safety in the workplace,
  • Supporting the development of employees and raising their awareness of the environment and health and safety at work,
  • Consultation of employees or their representatives on health and safety activities,
  • Improving performance in the areas of environment and health and safety by improving the integrated management system.

The implementation of the assumptions of the guideline is the responsibility of every employee, regardless of their position. The policy will be published and communicated to all employees of the organization and is available to all interested parties.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Roman Serafin

The validity and appropriateness of the environmental, health and safety policy is assessed in every management review. The outcome of this assessment can lead to a change in policy.

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