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Coating and decoration

Electroplating and chromium plating

We have an automatic line for electroplating of plastics launched in 2014. It is one of the most modern lines in Europe and the most modern one in Poland. The process carried out by our Company allows electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto parts and components made from plastics such as ABS or PC / ABS. It is also possible to perform additional laser etching to achieve the “day and night design” effect.

Varnishing and painting

We have a fully automated varnishing line using solvent-based and water-based types of varnish. After handling the components to the varnishing line, their surface is cleaned in the ionization chamber. In the paint booth, parts are coated by the spray method and transferred next to the furnace where the applied paint is hardened at a predetermined temperature and in a predetermined period of time.

We offer decoration of injection moulded parts using various decorating techniques, the choice of which depends on the expected aesthetic and functional effects.

  • In-mould decoration and labelling
  • Hot-stamping
  • Modern technology of UV digital printing
  • Multi-coloured pad printing
  • Laser decoration and marking

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