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Research & Development

Research and Development Department of KLGS

Based on the experience of its staff, using its own machine park and laboratory facilities, and by cooperating with scientific units, KLGS conducts research and development works, resulting in the implementation of innovative technological and material solutions in the field of injection of technical moldings.

It is planned to extend the scope of these works and establish a specialized Research and Development Center for injection technologies within KLGS.

The topics of exemplary works carried out so far by the R&D Department of KLGS (completed or in progress) are listed below:

Development of technology for the management of post-production lumps of mixtures of various construction materials: POM, PA, PBT, PPA, ABS, PC, PMMA, for thick-walled products for the construction industry, agriculture, road works and others. Submitted to the Patent Office (P.421880 “Polymer-polymer powder composite from waste plastics and the method of its production”)

Development of a technology for the rapid production of prototype molds using the SLM (Selective Laser Sintering) method of aluminum powders sintering, in cooperation with the Institute of Advanced Technologies, IOS Kraków. The work concerns the technology of manufacturing injection molds with complex geometry and conformal cooling channels

Development of a structural design and execution of the KBA automatic detail drilling station

Development of a design solution for automatic opening of the working area covers for 100T injection molding machines – making a prototype solution on an Arburg 100T / I injection molding machine

Design and construction of a test stand for optical inspection of the emptying and reinforcement condition of the mold for composite construction details in progress

Development of assumptions and concepts for the construction of 2-K molds with the use of a precise all-electric unit for multi-component injection. Making a test mold

Development of a concept for the implementation of low-pressure injection technology for short series of large details. Construction and testing of low-pressure injection stations

Research and development

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